What information does the tutor need?

To prepare for a tutorial it is helpful to let the tutor know 

  • the subject(s) you would like help with
  • the exam boards for any subjects you will be taking for public examinations such as GCSEs
  • the schools you are considering if you are preparing for 11+/13+ examinations
  • any topics that you have struggled with
  • which topics you have and have not already covered on your course
  • details of any special educations needs e.g. does the student have dyslexia


What should students bring to their tutorials?

Naturally the student should bring a notebook and pens and pencils to each tutorial so they can take notes.

If possible, students should also bring any textbooks they regularly use and examples of recent work they have completed e.g. classwork or homework from school

It is often helpful to bring coloured pens/pencils to annotate diagrams and notes

Students for GCSE and A level courses should also bring a scientific calculator


Is there a cancellation policy?

24 hours notice is required when cancelling a tutorial, otherwise the full fee for the lesson will be charged